This Airplane Doing Donuts Is Snow Drifting Perfected

cub donuts

Many hooligans on the roads these days yearn for the cold and dreary days of winter to wreak havoc on a freshly powdered parking lot. This bush pilot takes drifting to an entirely new level by taking a Piper Cub and carving perfect circles on a snow covered frozen lake making the most light and airy donuts.

When part time Alaskan bush pilot Bobby Breeden isn’t practicing for the next Valdez STOL competition, he’s doing crazy aviation excursion in the vast Alaskan frontier. He’s won the Valdez short takeoff and landing competition (STOL) four consecutive years.  The competition is part of the airshow and fly-in at the Pioneer Field Airport in Valdez, Alaska. Bobby won the 2015 prize when he landed and took off in his experimental Glacier Cub using only 44 feet of pavement.

If watching the world’s lightest and airy donuts isn’t enough for you, check out Bobby’s instagram. When he’s not studying in Florida, he documents unusual journeys to remote Alaskan glaciers and lands on tiny strips of sand on winding mountain streams. I think its pretty evident that he’s officially unlocked the expert snow drifting achievement.


Chris Clarke
Chris is an active pilot who love cars, airplanes and motorcycles.