You Can Now File A Flight Plan For Your Drone Operations To Alert Nearby Pilots

Drone and Plane

With the proliferation of cheap and simple recreation unmanned aerial systems (drones), more and more operators are wandering into the flight path of real airplanes. Pilots reporting close encounters with drones are soaring and the FAA is getting worried, but now you can help.

Lockheed Martin, who is responsible for collecting flight plans and disseminating hazardous flight information to pilots, has now opened up reporting capabilities for drone operators. If you have an exemption to use your drone commercially, this is required. For recreational and hobbyists it is encouraged for you to file the time and location of your activity as a courtesy, especially if you think there is any chance you might encroach on an manned flight activity.Check out the full instructions here.


Chris Clarke
Chris is an active pilot who love cars, airplanes and motorcycles.