Witness A B-1 Bomber Depart RAF Fairford With Full Afterburner

B-1 Bomber

The 489 Bomber Group of Dyess AFB and Abilene, Texas sets off car alarms after an impressive takeoff during a visiting to Fairford, England in the United Kingdom. This mission is in support of the NATO exercise Ample Strike ongoing in the Czech Republic.

Exercise Ample Strike is the third Czech-led international Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) exercise. The exercise features 17 Allied and Partnership for Peace nations coming together to train their JTACs, aircrew and commanders of units in realistic, complex and demanding scenarios. Participants involved in the exercise total nearly 1,500. Thins includes almost 300 Allied and Partner soldiers, two rotations of 180 Czech active reserve soldiers and approximately 1,000 regular Czech soldiers. The primary training audience of the exercise is the 27 JTAC teams totaling an additional 150 soldiers.

Aircraft belonging to Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia will all operate out of the Náměšť Helicopter Base in the Czech Republic, demonstrating unity among Allies and Partner Nations.


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