Boeing Makes Near Vertical Take Off Rehearsing For The Paris Air Show

You need to watch Boeing’s crack team of display pilots put this 787-9 Dreamliner through its paces during a practice flight preparing for the upcoming Paris Air Show.

Hopefully Vietnam Airlines won’t mind a few extra flight hours on the airframe before they take delivery.

Boeing will display two separate Dreamliners at the international air show including this Vietnam Airlines featured in the highlight video to perform a flying demonstration as well as a second 787-8 wearing the Qatar livery to be on static display. Boeing will also bring a third airliner, this one a 777-300ER featuring a China Airlines paint scheme as well as a P-8A Poseidon submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft, CH-47F Chinook helicopter, F-15E Strike Eagle jet fighter.

Feel free to browse the unique interior of the China Airlines 777 with this badass interactive 360º video courtesy of Boeing.

Similar to the Farnborough Air Show where Boeing recently gave the public a similar display of extreme airliner flight, the Paris Air Show has become a must attend event by every major manufacturer in the aerospace industry. Many major aircraft sales contracts are announced by manufacturers during the show and Boeing no doubt hopes to woo potential customers to buy into their line of commercial airliners.

The Paris Air Show is the world’s oldest and largest gathering of aircraft from around the world. Since 1909 is has been held at Le Bourget Airport in north Paris, France every other year. The event starts with four professional days that are closed to the public. This allows industry leaders the opportunity to demonstrate their military and civilian aircraft to potential customers.


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