These Jet Jockeys Might Have More Money Than Brains

This Czech designed L-39 Albatross basic military jet trainer might not carry any weapons, but in the hands of undisciplined civilian jet pilots, it has the potential to be seriously dangerous.

Thousands of these trainers remain in active service and have become one of the cheapest ways for rich playboys to get some stick time in an honest to god fighter jet. Where prices on the used market can drop to as low as $229,000, cost of entry is not unreasonable for the financially initiated. But its not the cost of entry that will set you back. Training, maintenance, insurance, storage and most importantly, experience will be the most money sucking aspects of owning a jet fighter.

These Jet Jockeys Might Have More Money Than Brains

Currently 241 L-39s are register to private owners with the Federal Aviation Administration. The popularity of the aircraft has even led to an entire class at the Reno Air Races strictly for L-39 competition. The plane has also become used for airshow aerobatic display teams like the Patriots Jet Team and the Breitling Jet Team who recently made their debut performance in the United States.

Aviator Troy B. is at the controls of the steeply banked jet trainer. Troy appears to have some airline and military training, but has shut down his website after much public scrutiny over his safe flying practices.

This site is under repair to ensure that the content displayed promotes only safety in aviation. My actions promoting my flying and my past has created a lot of scrutiny and I am currently working to reassure fellow aviators out there of my absolutely safety minded intentions.

While the pilot in this video might have had a good chuckle from such a sphincter clenching encounter, I can pretty much bet his humor is simply a cover for the embarrassment over soiling his flight suit.

While the video is proof enough that this pair of dueling bandits might be missing a few brain cells, more evidence suggesting a lack of intelligence was created when someone had the brilliant idea to post the video on instagram, which was later removed for obvious reasons. Fortunately a copy was saved for your viewing pleasure.


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