Watch A Soviet Fighter Jet Take A Joyride To The Edge Of Space

At 62 miles above sea level, the Kármán line is generally accepted as the beginning of space. This MiG-29 Fulcrum doesn’t quite leave the atmosphere, but it does reach an impressive altitude of over 12 miles high where the curvature of the earth is clearly visible. Quite impressive for a sightseeing tour.

If your pockets are deep enough, private aviation adventure company MiGFlug will stuff you into their two-seat MiG-29 and rocket you to a minimum height of 10.56 miles and as high as 14 miles on their Edge of Space Fight. Not only do you get to take the controls, but it’s currently the only way for a civilian to get a chance at breaking the sound barrier.

Canadian race car driver for Ferrari, Josh Cartu, got his chance to peer into space during an Edge of Space flight he took in early 2015. MiGFlug kindly recorded the event which also included extreme aerobatics, pulling up to nine times the force of gravity and speeds over twice the speed of sound.

MiGFlug offers a handful of other private flight experiences in Russia, Europe and North America in a variety of aircraft, like a MiG-15 or an L-39. They will even let you experience zero gravity during a parabolic flight in a Boeing 727.

Source: The Aviationist


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